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 Bassic Rules

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PostSubject: Bassic Rules   Bassic Rules EmptyWed Jul 07, 2010 5:12 am

Ok, well, I'd like to be the first to welcome you to the Virtual Craze forums!
We have only a few rules first:
1) No swearing. Mild language is ok, but keep it on a low, too much and I'll give you a warning, if you continue I'll have to ban you.
2) No flame wars. This is a biggie; If you don't like what someone else is saying, don't attack them, sort it out like a civilized person. If you have a problem with someone, PM me or a mod and we'll deal with them, don't bring it out into the forums.
3) If you feel the need to upload images to the forums, such as for an art thread, use and upload it there then take code for 'Forums' and put it in your post. Please do not upload very large images to the forums, unless it is smaller than (or around) 300 pixles tall by 600 wide, upload it to TP and post a link.
4) Please refrain from bumping threads that are not older than two weeks unless you have something significant to say. Furthermore, don't revive threads older than one month unless you have something important to add, if you have a question about a thread, then don't hesitate to PM me, I'll tell you if it's ok to post there or not.
5) When you are new to the forums please try not to create alot of new threads; There's a chance that a thread might already exists, if you're not sure, use the handy search bar or drop me or a mod a PM.
6) Please try keep your messages readable, that means use correct spelling as to your highest extent, the spell check is there for a reason; Grammar is always important, make sure you are clear with what you're trying to say; Punctuate, separate sentences with spaces and use commas!
7) Anyone who joins the forums to advertise (this includes placing or hiding ads in intro posts via commas and/or periods) will have their IP address banned forever.
8) Be nice to people on the forums!
If you have a problem with another person, please take it to either PM and sort it out in a civilised manner or PM me or a mod about the problem and any evidence (Including posts you made) you may have, don't include everyone on the internet about your dissagreements! Don't be rude, ugly, mean or just pure hateful to another member! We here at VC are a peacful comunity and will enforce this rule!

We here at VC don't want to ban anyone from the forums but it might happen. If someone behaves in a way that violates the forum rules (excessive swearing, flaming, sexual harassment, etc.) or anything else I, or a Mod, deem inappropriate we will give that person a warning. If you if receive two warnings and still persist with the offending action you will be banned so please heed any warnings you may receive from us!

I think that sums it for now. Enjoy!

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Bassic Rules
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