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 Warning about spam.

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PostSubject: Warning about spam.   Thu Dec 17, 2009 3:35 pm

Ok, so you all know how annoying those bots can get, right?
Well I'd like to warn all of you (especially some of the younger members) to not open these, they could appear in any part of our forums but usually most of them will be very easily identifiable from their title. Aside from the fact that you are probably not interested in whatever they are saying, some of them may contain explicit and graphic images that violate the rules of the forum and are not appropriate for children.
In addition, please do not post in spam threads as you're just giving myself and the mods more to delete.

Furthermore, if you see someone start to 'troll' please do not post in these threads either, all they are trying to do is get everyone riled up and start a flame war, so don't even post saying 'Guys, don't post here, you'll feed the troll' because you are feeding the troll and could insult someone even if you aren't trying to, so please just ignore them and PM me or a mod and we'll delete them as soon as we can.

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Warning about spam.
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