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 Forum Events

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PostSubject: Forum Events   Tue Mar 16, 2010 1:02 am

I will post in this thread when forum events are starting/ending!!!
Some of the events I have planned are:
Random Week!
For a whole week we get to screw up the archives with theme days and randomness and stuff Very Happy
King of the Games!
If you can prove yourself the master gamer by posting an awesome walk-through for a game, posting alot in the games section of the forums or anything else forum or video game related could win you King/Queen, Prince/Princess or Duke/Duchess for a whole year!
RP Week!
Prove your epic-ness and be a great contributer to the RP sections, be it create an awesome new one, revive an old one or just help move the stories in on going ones!
Pokemon Week! *possible*
The whole week we get to go back to our childhoods/nowhoods and re-live our super nerdy Pokemon days by talking about Pokemon everywhere in all (or most) of your posts!
Plans for more are on their way, any suggestions would be great too!

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Forum Events
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