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 How to make a good first impression

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PostSubject: How to make a good first impression   Thu Dec 17, 2009 4:31 pm

You've heard it a million times already, but it really does take but a few seconds to make that all-important first impression.

Here is a little list of 'Do's and Don'ts' to help you get start

-DO make an original name.
-DO use correct grammar.
-DO take your time to type.
-DO read the rules
-DO have fun!

-DON'T call anyone a n00b when you joined today.
-DON'T swear or be offensive
-DON'T post pointless posts to boost your post number
-DON'T open a million new threads on your first day
-DON'T post in threads that have been dead for over a month unless you have something new to say
-DON'T post large pictures
-DON'T have huge signatures


Intro thread posts forum members tend to get a little strange. This is a just a fun thing to do. Don't be freaked out, its harmless.

Please note that if you are called a n00b, it is not an insult. Its a website term that just means your a new member. Don't be to offended.

No 'l33t speak' unless your really feel you must; and if you do, Please, oh please provide a translation.

Some helpful forum terminology

In a busy discussion forum, everyone wants to be heard. Sometimes there are more forum members posting in threads than there are members replying to other, possibly new, threads. Most forums, like ours, sort threads by newest first, the most recent appearing at the top of the page. Each new thread, or post in an already existing thread, pushes the old ones further down the forum. What does one do when no one answers?

A common inclination is to "bump" such a thread back to the top. A member does this by posting a second time to the thread he originated, making it viewable again at the top of the forum's front page. His second post might be "Anyone?" or simply the word, "bump." This forum allows very little bumping, please only do it after waiting atleast 10 minutes from creation to "bump" your thread.

Controversial forum threads can become quite heated. To flame another forum member is to attack them or their ideas which they have posted in a hostile and rant-ish fashion. In order to prevent a thread from becoming too heated, some members preface their comments with "I know I'm going to get flamed for this," or "Please don't flame me for this, but..."

Someone who lurks in a forum only reads the posts of others and never actually posts a message himself. Some people lurk in forums for days or years before getting involved. Others are lifetime lurkers, always reading and never posting.

A great forum post is not made of wood, but of thoughtful, well-expressed remarks that benefit the readers. The term smacks of the type of post one leaves on a physical bulletin board. A forum post is simply a message left or "posted" on an Internet bulletin board (discussion forum).

"Sig, Siggy, Signature"
A unique text phrase, link, or graphic that appears below a member's message post usually offering information about themselves or their company. Interesting or humorous quotes are often used in these "signatures."

Spam is not limited to your email inbox. Posting advertisements or other forms of unsolicited self promotion normally constitute spam on discussion forums. A favorite trick of spammers is to post the same announcement on multiple forums purporting to have value to the members, but only intending to make money from an affiliate link. Some forums allow affiliate links and others do not, depending on the terms of service.

Though forum threads can sometimes be needlesome, they have nothing to do with sewing. A thread is a series of messages left by forum members in response to the initial topical post created by the thread-starter.

A post that attempts to lure readers into responding by using subtle, but controversial language. A troll may be crafted as intentionally incorrect in order to bait the emotions of readers. Trolling is also used by talk radio show hosts to elicit calls.

"Water Cooler"
When the flames get too hot, forum members may retreat into the relaxed atmosphere of a general discussion forum, an area where any topic may be discussed without fear of being severely corrected by experts. Many forum sites include a water cooler forum to allow members to break the ice and have casual discussion. Ours is called the 'Whatever' forum.

"Avatar, Avvy"
The picture that represents you at the left side of all your posts.

The intro thread

Introducing yourself to a group can be an awkward and sometimes hard task. If you don't have the ability to jump right in, you may want to post a little 'hello' first. This is probably why you are here. I have composed a short list of what to (and what not to) include in your short introductory thread to make it 'stand out' and seem more interesting.

1. Think of a witty title. This should be the most obvious. A title is the main component of any literary piece, be it a post or a book, it attracts an audience. For example, which would attract your attention: 'A Modest Hello for Modest People' or 'shy n00b alert'? The worst thread title is the most commonly used one. Don't use it.

2. Tell something about yourself. Granted, you don't have to give out anything you don't want to, but tell us something about yourself that mind sound interesting, original, bizarre, or what-have-you. Why are you here? What are your interests? What are you like? These are some questions you may want to answer.

3. Do not ramble about nothing. Don't start taking about a refrigerator locked in your basement and toasters dropping into your bathtub. It doesn't make sense. And it sure doesn't tell anything about you.

4. Be respectful. This is pretty much common sense. I guarantee that it will help you integrate into the community. Everyone likes to be respected. Don't you?
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How to make a good first impression
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