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 In The Secret Club

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PostSubject: In The Secret Club   In The Secret Club EmptyWed Jul 07, 2010 2:26 pm

After you manage to figure out (or luckily stumble upon) the answer to 'The Secret Club' you can post here and try a game!
The way this one works is pretty much exactly like hangman. In this thread, you may post only 1 letter. That is not considered spam as you can only guess one letter at a time.
If you solve a puzzle by guessing (or filling in the last letter) you will win an extra 'The Secret Club' hint sent via a PM to you when requested.

Puzzle's up!
_ _ _ e _ _ n
_ l _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ e

Used letters: R S T L N E

Hints: Nobody.

Smash, L.4; Zaggers L.5; Whistle, L.4; Killer, L.3.
Jiirebii; Items: Admin Ball, Ice Potion and 525 UC.
Shadow: Ahhh!!! Get it off!!!!
Axel: Yep...just standing here...looking cool...
Sonic: How am I doing this?
Starlo: I can get down!
Yami: How is my coat blowing in the wind...if there's no wind....
Random Cat: .....Meow....
--- Sigma, owning my avatar.
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In The Secret Club
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